Our History

There’s not too many breweries that can boast about their rich and long history. Irving Cliff Brewery was founded in 1851 in our town of Honesdale, PA. We are proud of our history and our dedication to preserving the past while making new memories with our visitors. We provide our customers with handcrafted signature brews, delicious food, live music, tours when available and lots of items from our gift shop to remember your time with us or celebrate our history with us!

Of course, providing our customers with a unique quality product is our top priority! Our ales, stouts, lagers and ciders are made from the finest ingredients. Providing you with our exceptional products and telling our story…well, that’s just something we love to do and are really proud of. Come have some fun and make some memories at Irving Cliff Brewery!

History of: Brewmaster Theodore Schimpff

Brewmaster Theodore Schimpff was born in Scranton, August 15, 1877. He was educated in the high school of that city. Ted began the study of Brewing in 1885 and after completing the course at the United States Brewing Academy, New York City. He followed that profession at breweries in Brooklyn, Honesdale and Scranton. Ted brewed ale, lager and porter of superior quality and gained a reputation for excellence not only in northeastern PA, but in a large part of New York state. The Brewery had a very unique distribution system of the time. By using the canal system, built primarily for the coal industry, the brewery was able to ship their beer easily to large cites such as Kingston and New York City. The Brewery had a maximum capacity of 25,000 barrels of beer per year and became a favorite of the time. On October 1, 1897, the Irving Cliff Brewery merged into the Pennsylvania Central Brewing Company, which controlled many of the large breweries in Northeastern PA. Theodore Schimpff went on to brew beer at many breweries through the east. 

The wagon used in the picture (above, right) was originally used at the brewery. After our segment aired on a local show about Irving Cliff Brewery and our past, a man called us to tell us he had our wagon. He had gotten it in the 1950s and kept it in his garage for a time. He put it in his yard and although is a great historic piece, it is no longer usable. I wonder how many other pieces of the brewery can be found!

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